About Flevoziekenhuis

“Flevoziekenhuis makes great healthcare attainable”: that is the essence of the new, multi-year policy plan for the period of 2015-2019. In the past couple of years there have been a lot of changes in our surroundings. This poses questions for us as a hospital, and with our new multi-year policy plan, we are able to answer those questions. You have a right to the best healthcare available, at all times. However, we cannot provide this by ourselves. That is why we will make great healthcare available through intense cooperation with our academic and regional partners.

Mission and values

Our goal is to achieve optimal health and maximize the quality of life, in every phase of life, even when complete healing may not take place. The Flevoziekenhuis maintains the following values for our organization: we are involved (with our patients), trustworthy (we do what we say), flexible (we adapt to changes) and we cooperate (we will cooperate with our partners wherever we see the chance to improve the quality of our healthcare).  

Our profile

The Flevoziekenhuis provides a broad range of specialized medical care for all of Almere and the surrounding areas, including all of the facilities one would expect, as it is the only hospital in the seventh largest city in the Netherlands. Our healthcare meets the needs of the inhabitants of the greater Almere area. As a patient you can count on us to provide you with excellent doctors and nursing professionals, whose work is based on the latest medical insights; medication  that will meet your needs, and advanced medical equipment. You will be met with kindness and receive prompt care; you will receive information you can understand when you need it, and you will experience good communication between us and other healthcare providers. You will be involved in the decisions made pertaining to your treatment by your doctor and nursing staff, based on clear and straightforward information, should you so desire, and be capable of communicating this. Patients and their families are welcome in a friendly, hospitable and healing environment. The Flevoziekenhuis is passionate  about and wants to continue focusing on training interns, where the medical specialists, nurses and supporting staff  of the future are being trained.

Excellent cooperation alliances

We want you to receive the healthcare that you need, always.  That is why we are continually working to improve not only our healthcare, but also how we welcome you. In those areas where the Flevoziekenhuis is unable to provide the best of healthcare, we will make it attainable by our excellent cooperation with our partners. This starts with your family practitioners if at all possible (or other initial healthcare providers); in the Flevoziekenhuis for lower and medium complex healthcare. And should you require highly complex, specialized healthcare, then we will refer you to an academic medical hospital with as little delay as possible.

We make excellent healthcare easily attainable by expediting your transition between the different healthcare providers as quick and smooth as possible. We do this by exchanging information – with your permission – and with good support from the professionals that we work with. By exchanging expertise and jointly discussing complex complaints, you as a patient will receive the best possible treatment.

In order to achieve this the Flevoziekenhuis will expand its cooperation with the academic hospital AMC and the initial healthcare providers (family practitioners, physical therapists, midwives, dentists etc.). The Flevoziekenhuis was already working with the AMC in Amsterdam. This cooperation will be expanded and intensified.

The Flevoziekenhuis wants to distinguish itself with these two forms of strategic cooperation (alliances) in several (sub)areas. A close cooperation with the AMC was already in place for healthcare for breast- and intestinal cancer. We will be expanding our cooperation in the areas of internal medicine and oncology, orthopedic care, and gastrointestinal and liver care. In our cooperation with initial healthcare providers we will be focusing mainly on pre-natal and natal care, home dialysis, diabetes, chronic pulmonary diseases (COPD) and the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases (CVRM). The Flevoziekenhuis already has an external polyclinic in Almere Poort and is looking into setting one up in Almere Haven.

Six tangible goals

The Flevoziekenhuis has formulated this ambition in six tangible, measurable goals:

  1. Content patients – Our patients have already graded our healthcare facilities with an 8. We are proud of that. However, there is always room for improvement. We want our patients to feel like they have truly been helped in a positive manner.
  2. Content referrers – Family Practitioners, physical therapists, dentists, midwives and other initial healthcare providers are content with the cooperation and trust our healthcare services.
  3. Strong market position – By expanding our cooperation (alliances) and by focusing on certain specialties we will reach more patients.
  4. Involved and passionate employees – We can provide the best possible healthcare when our employees are involved and passionate about their work.
  5. Healthy financial foundation – This is necessary to maintain continuity and to continue investing in excellent healthcare, the IT department, the building and facilities.
  6. Digital hospital – In order to provide a concise exchange of information between patients and healthcare providers we will complete the electronic patient dossier system. In 2019 the Flevoziekenhuis wants to have digitalized all processes.